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Supply Chain visibility solutions

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Founded in 2008 and headquartered in Baar, Switzerland, Arviem has grown organically to become the leading service provider for real-time cargo monitoring services. They are the only service provider which offers pay-as-you-go real-time cargo monitoring services to increase visibility in global trade.

Arviem’s supply chain visibility solutions support users in the efficient management of strategic, operational and financial supply chains by enabling real-time data-driven decision making. Arviem eliminates milestone based supply chain visibility solutions and provides a constant data stream on the location and condition of cargo in-transit. The installed automated locating and sensing technology on multimodal containers and cargo addresses the need of decision makers for end-to-end, timely, quality data. The basis of Arviem’s service is the accumulated trustworthy, carrier independent data about cargo worldwide. Arviem offers a wide array of services that are transforming supply chains by combining the latest sensor technology, big data,  and clever data analytics methodology. Arviem’s cloud-based infrastructure and supply chain visibility software is an enabler for the transformation of the collected data into actionable information. Arviem’s pay-as-you-use cargo tracking and monitoring services are enabling our customers to efficiently manage and optimize their operative and financial supply chains without the need for investing in assets or technology.