End-to-End Supply Chain Solutions and Expertise


An accomplished, fully bilingual senior executive with high-level analytical abilities and the ability to guide management teams to meet corporate strategic and management objectives. Strong developed skills and experience in operational management, financial reporting, Corporate governance, mergers and acquisition analysis and sale of a business.

Phil Gabriel [Calgary, Phoenix]

An energetic leader with strong business, Sales and Operations skills. Recognized as authentic and accessible, Phil is a great listener able to help customers in defining business strategy and product roadmaps. He is experienced in aerospace, electronics, high-tech, and marine industries, as well as air traffic control. His global experience makes him adaptable to different cultural environments.

Thomas Gottlieb, BSc [Cincinnati]

A seasoned executive, equally at ease on the shop floor as in the board room, Stephen is a collaborative and motivating force able to bring out the best performance from a team even amid chaos and disarray. Adept at extracting key information and patterns from complex data he can guide companies to make the decisions necessary to stay relevant and forward-looking. He can align industrial processes and systems to optimize outcomes and increase efficiency.

Tom has a broad range of business experience operating in small, medium, and large enterprises that spans 25+ years with both domestic and international operations.  His career encompasses numerous roles in Finance, Project Management, Supply Chain,  Operational and Executive Leadership positions across several industries.   From start-ups to mature organizations, Tom has driven  the execution of successful projects increasing enterprise profitability.

Accomplished, bilingual, highly energetic and innovative business leader with a strong track record of achievement in the areas of sales & marketing, contract management, operations, and general management. Extensive experience in rotating industrial equipment, manufacturing, MRO operations for the Oil & Gas and power generation industries, with special expertise in operating successfully within highly technical and complex contractual businesses.

Gordon McWhaw [Montreal]

Stephen Farrell, CPA, CA


A senior manager with global operations experience with emphasis on both design and manufacturing engineering. Robin has experience in electronics, aerospace, defense, telecommunications and medical device industries. He has worked extensively in North American, Asia and Europe on mission critical projects with very tight timelines.

Robin Stewart [Toronto area]